Saturday, 27 August 2022

Hot Summer Minis

Hot Summer Minis

"Saturday Morning on Barricane"- view in my gallery -  8 x 6 in - Gouache

It’s almost the weekend and it’s hot and sunny, that means one thing….. beach time!
Early morning sun worshippers getting into their groove down on Barricane Beach.

Gouache mini 8 x 6 inches


"Sandcastle Builders"- view in my gallery - 8 x 8 in - Gouache

“Sandcastle Builders” oblivious to the world around them, totally engrossed in their tower building toils.
I love watching the children play on the beach. They get so consumed by their play, totally living in the present moment. Maybe a good lesson for us to absorb?

Gouache mini 8 x 6 inches

Also available;

"Sundown Serenade"

View in the gallery

"Curries and Couples"

View in the gallery

Warm on the coast today, stay cool and enjoy the day.
Best wishes as always,


Thursday, 25 August 2022

New Gouache Minis

New Minis

"Sundown Serenade"- view in my gallery -  11 x 8 in - Gouache

I'd like to introduce you to a new series of paintings, "Minis" are the perfect size to fit into that small space on our walls that just need that little something special.
They also allow me the opportunity to experiment with some looser, more energetic paintings without being bogged down with the tighter detail of the larger paintings.
Which in turn allows me to explore themes and compositions that might in turn lead to a series of larger paintings.

After an evening with friends and  a curry from the beach cafe down on Barricane, a walk down to the tideline makes you appreciate the really important things in life. 


"Curries and couples"- view in my gallery - 8 x 5.5 in - Gouache

This one was inspired by the very same evening that "Sundown Serenade" came from , as I walked home from the beach , I looked back down into the cove and watched the last of the curry diners enjoying their meals as others walked off their dinners at the tideline.

One of my favourite times of the day to watch the light play on the water and enjoy the long shadows on the beach.

Also available;

"Evening Serenity"

View in the gallery


View in the gallery

I hope you enjoy the new minis, it looks like Summer is about to turn up the thermostat again this week. Plenty of opportunity for me to get down onto the beach and get inspired by the summer visitors.

Have a fantastic week!

Best wishes as always,


Monday, 22 August 2022

A view that you never tire of? - Commission a unique painting.

A view that you never tire of?

I've thoroughly enjoyed working on this large 36 x 24 inches commission for a new customer this week.

It’s a very satisfying feeling to be able to create something that captures memories, feelings and life’s experiences for someone. Something that they can cherish for years to come.

If you would like to commission a painting, contact me with a message and we can discuss painting something unique and special for you.

  • I’m happy to work from your own reference photos.

* Do you have a special view that you would like me to paint for you?

  • Paintings usually take approx one to two weeks to complete.
  • A small deposit is required upon ordering.
  • Then a digital sketch is made of the composition of the painting for your approval.
  • The remaining balance is paid after the painting is completed, and you have received photos of the finished piece for your approval.
  • Your painting can be collected from the studio or posted or couriered to you depending on it’s size.

Contact me if you have an idea that you would like to chat through or you would like to receive my price list and size chart.

I look forward to creating something special just for you!

Have a fantastic day!



Also available;

"June Evening " Woolacombe art print

View in the gallery

"Barricane Sea Pinks"

View in the gallery

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

“Summer Swimmers”

"Summer Swimmers"- 
-  8 x 6 inches gouache on Bristol board

“Summer Swimmers”
Nothing beats acting like a starfish and floating with the current on a warm day in a blue sea.
This is definitely high on my summer pleasure list.
How about you?

Have a great day!

Sunday, 24 July 2022

Hot Summer Days

"Crab Sandwiches, Combesgate Beach"- view in my gallery -  11 x 8 in - Gouache

By now the heatwave that we experienced over the past few days will almost be a distant memory, at least I hope it is for you, it certainly feels that way out here on the Devon coast.

The first day I did the only sensible thing an outdoor painter would do, and took myself off to the beach with a wide brimmed hat, gallons of suncream and found a rock pool to stand in.

Whist sweating my way through the initial lay in stages of the painting, I couldn't help but focus on a few of the beachgoers in front of me.

 I was thoroughly enjoying the conversation between these two gentlemen, going through their ideal lunch on a hot beach day.
Crab sandwiches with salt and pepper on white bread, not too much butter. Washed down with homemade cloudy lemonade and a clotted cream ice cream for dessert.
It sounded perfect!

In fact it made me so hungry, that I decided to break for a spot of lunch. Only to find in my determination to pack appropriate clothing, sun cream and water, I had left my packed lunch on the kitchen counter, all I had was an apple. 

When the heat started to get a bit too much I finished off with a quick sea swim to cool down and headed back to the studio to finish off.

That never happened, by the time I got back to my studio, it was a furnace in there, so the painting had to wait for the cooler evening to get it's few finishing details.



"Barricane Card Game"- view in my gallery -  11 x 8 in - Gouache

With the heat of the day cooling, I walked down to Barricane to catch the sunset and curry hour vibe that I enjoy so much in these summer months.

The beach was unusually quiet , maybe the heat had drained the earlier busy scene down to the hardy or fresh arrivals?

I loved the sight of a family dancing in the sunlight near the waters edge, framed with one of my favourite beach sights, a card game played on a scattered array of woven beach mats with a few cold beers dotted around for sustenance.

Hot beach days abroad, I always loved seeing the locals, old and young alike hunkered down under their beach shades and parasols playing cards while they sat out the heat of the late afternoon.

This scene reminded me of those Mediterranean echoes.

Planning ahead, I made a quick sketch and then painted this one up in the studio the next morning, before the heat fried my roof off. 

Even with my love of beach life and painting intense sunlight, I can safely say that I am happy that the mercury has dropped back down to what is more common on our fair skinned shores. 


Also available;

The Studio Sale is on until the end of July, if you wanted to treat yourself to a painting at a special price for subscribers..

"Early Morning Peace"

View in the gallery

"Walking Home"

View in the gallery

Stay cool and best wishes as always,

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Eight Barricane moments that inspired me to paint.

If you know Woolacombe, then there is a very strong possibility that you will know Barricane. 
To many it is associated with the Barricane Beach Cafe's tasty Sri-Lankan curries.

Some love nothing more than getting down on hands and knees and combing the fine sand for rare sea shells. I always remember an old lady telling me years ago that the shells all washed up from the Caribbean on the Gulf Stream, and that you can use the letters of Barricane to spell it ( except that Caribbean has two "B's") but who am I to get in the way of a good story.
She was very convincing!

Curries and cowrie shells aside, it's a magical little cove that offers something special at any time of the year, and this latest collection of eight paintings illustrate exactly that.

From baking hot summer evenings to a chilly New Year's Day, and gloriously warm milky Spring mornings.

Click on this link and you can view all eight paintings. View the "Barricane Collection".

I hope some of the many different moments that I enjoy about Barricane Beach connect with you in this collection, I would love to hear from you about which ones you liked or brought back memories from special trips there in the past, or even the anticipation of trips to come.

Drop me a reply to this post with your favourites. I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!
Best wishes,

Monday, 14 September 2015

End of a Woolacombe Bay Summer.

After a warm, September weekend of slower paced life in our little coastal village, it really does feel as if Summer has come to an end.
Monday morning opened up the week with a storm knocking on the door, heavy rain and strong winds, are raining ripe apples down upon my wooden studio roof.
After a nondescript month of weather in August, the beginning of September has been a joy.
Not only for the slower pace of life here, but it came with some warm days, good waves and stunning sunsets, providing some fantastic subjects to get my brushes moving.

Here is a selection of some of the paintings from the past few weeks.
I hope you enjoy them

Have a great day!

"Painting the Outdoors with Passion"

"Devon Delight" watercolour.

"Early Morning Mill Rock" watercolour.

"Early On A Summer's Day" watercolour.

"High Tide" watercolour.

"Hot Afternoon" watercolour.

"Summer Delight" watercolour.

"Sunset Friends" Acrylic.

"Sunset Sliders" watercolour.

"Sunshine and Showers" watercolour.

"Waiting for Customers" watercolour.