Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Steve PP's Art Diary has a New Home!

Just a quick note to say that I have migrated my blog "Steve PP's Art Diary" over to my Fine Art website "Steven Pleydell-Pearce Fine Art" you can click on the link here StevePP's Art Diary  and subscribe there to get all of my latest paintings emailed directly to your inbox!
Have a great day!
"Not a Soul In Sight" Barricane Beach, Woolacombe watercolour painting by Steve PP 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Heat is On! - Latest paintings from Steve PP's Art Diary.

The Heat is On!

Posted by  on May 10, 2016 in Art Diary
The Heat is On!
Well, Spring seemed to slip by in a chilly blur with what seemed liked a whole month of cold winds.
May however hasn’t dissapointed so far. With an air pattern starting way down in Morocco , we have been treated to some Spring warmth, that feels more like high Summer and what a difference it makes!
The colour and light changes to a warmer palette and suddenly I have my favourite subject matter and conditions available.
I feel a series of beach and coastal paintings focusing on strong sunlight, glare and warmth coming on. Every time I start one of these topics , I get a real feeling of purpose and satisfaction.
I hope they give you a warm feeling too?
Here are a few of my recent paintings. Just click on the titles to get more details on the website.
Have a great day!
Have a great day from Woolacombe artist Steve PP.
"Waiting for that last Set " surfers sat in the lineup waiting for the final wave of the day. watercolour painting by artist Steve PP available from his Woolacombe Art Gallery
Spring is in the Air an original watercolour painting on Arches paper by North Devon artist Steve PP, available from his Woolacombe Art Gallery.
"Low tide Half time" a hot late afternoon game of beach football . Woolacombe Bay watercolour painting by North devon Artist Steven Pleydell-Pearce from the Woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP
Worshipping at the Shrine , Barricane Beach, Woolacombe Bay sunset watercolour painting by North Devon Artist Steve PP, available from his Woolacombe Fine Art Gallery
Bournemouth Aglow watercolour painting by Woolacombe artist Steve PP.
"Apres Surf" Woolacombe Bay Sunset Surfer water-colour painting from the Woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.
Lundy Sunsetters Lundy Island sunset watercolour painting by Woolacombe Bay artist Steve PP available from his North Devon Art gallery
April's No Fool watercolour painting by Steve Pleydell-Pearce available from his Woolacombe Art gallery in North Devon

Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring watercolour painting in Woolacombe

Spring’s a Knocking!

Posted by  on Mar 29, 2016 in Art Diary
Spring’s a Knocking!
Ah, the joys of Spring.
While we are not quite out of Winter’s grip, there are definite signs that the seasons are changing. On a good day , you can feel the warmth in the sun.
During spells of quiet calm , free from gales and rain, you can hear birdsong.
The clocks have sprung forward and nights are brighter.
Here are a few of my recent paintings for your viewing pleasure.
Have a great day, Spring is on it’s way!
Have a great day from Woolacombe artist Steve PP.
It’s always a joy to see the sunset moving back up along the horizon as we move through Winter.

18″ x 8″

Coming Back Along. Woolacombe winter watercolour painting from the Steve PP art gallery.

What would you get if you took a sleepy, springtime Woolacombe street , an iconic hotel and added some Parisian pavement cafes? Can you smell the freshly ground coffee?

30″ x 11″

Woolacombe/French watercolour painting from the Woolacombe art Gallery of Steve PP.

The daylight hours are stretching out again as Winter starts to pack it’s bags.

12″ x 9″

Almost Spring On The Sundial Watercolour Painting from the Woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.

Taking a few last provisions before casting off.

12″ x 9″

"Taking On Provisions" Ilfracombe harbour Watercolour painting from the woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.

Monday, 14 September 2015

End of a Woolacombe Bay Summer.

After a warm, September weekend of slower paced life in our little coastal village, it really does feel as if Summer has come to an end.
Monday morning opened up the week with a storm knocking on the door, heavy rain and strong winds, are raining ripe apples down upon my wooden studio roof.
After a nondescript month of weather in August, the beginning of September has been a joy.
Not only for the slower pace of life here, but it came with some warm days, good waves and stunning sunsets, providing some fantastic subjects to get my brushes moving.

Here is a selection of some of the paintings from the past few weeks.
I hope you enjoy them

Have a great day!

"Painting the Outdoors with Passion"

"Devon Delight" watercolour.

"Early Morning Mill Rock" watercolour.

"Early On A Summer's Day" watercolour.

"High Tide" watercolour.

"Hot Afternoon" watercolour.

"Summer Delight" watercolour.

"Sunset Friends" Acrylic.

"Sunset Sliders" watercolour.

"Sunshine and Showers" watercolour.

"Waiting for Customers" watercolour.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

"Curries and Sunsets''

It doesn't get much better than this. Picture a warm evening on a shell beach in a little secluded cove, feasting on a genuine Sri Lankan curry, and the best bit?'s right here in Devon!

Have a great day!



Tuesday, 12 May 2015

They are back- the painted ladies of Woolacombe!

It is with much joy that I happily inform you that the painted ladies of Woolacombe are back on the beach. That can only mean that the May Bank Holiday and Summer are not far away!

Happy days!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"Coastal Summer Garden" - Painting the Outdoors with Passion!

Sometimes approaching the coast from the inland coastal path gets you these stunning views across gardens built right overlooking the beaches and cliffs.
I love looking for these, the colours that come into play when the bright blooms meet the blues and the greens of the sea , can be breathtakingly beautiful!

"Coastal Summer Garden" 12 x 9 inches watercolour on Arches paper, framed.
Available from Steve Pleydell-Pearce Fine Art.

Have a great day!