Saturday, 27 August 2022

Hot Summer Minis

Hot Summer Minis

"Saturday Morning on Barricane"- view in my gallery -  8 x 6 in - Gouache

It’s almost the weekend and it’s hot and sunny, that means one thing….. beach time!
Early morning sun worshippers getting into their groove down on Barricane Beach.

Gouache mini 8 x 6 inches


"Sandcastle Builders"- view in my gallery - 8 x 8 in - Gouache

“Sandcastle Builders” oblivious to the world around them, totally engrossed in their tower building toils.
I love watching the children play on the beach. They get so consumed by their play, totally living in the present moment. Maybe a good lesson for us to absorb?

Gouache mini 8 x 6 inches

Also available;

"Sundown Serenade"

View in the gallery

"Curries and Couples"

View in the gallery

Warm on the coast today, stay cool and enjoy the day.
Best wishes as always,