Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"Painting Hydra" a watercolour journey funded on Kickstarter

"High Noon, High Tide, Hydra Harbour"
Watercolour 9 x 5 inches.

This was one of the first watercolour location sketches that I painted upon my arrival on Hydra ( pronounced  EE-TH-RA ) a beautiful island just over an hour's sail away from Athens, Greece.

With the successful funding of the " Painting Hydra " project on Kickstarter , I have just spent six days painting on this idyllic island , no cars, no bikes, just boats clinking and water lapping against the rocks , blue skies and gorgeous Greek light.

                                                   Painting in the harbour on Hydra.

Over the next few weeks , I'll post some of the photos and paintings up from the trip.

Now that Autumn has firmly established itself on our shores. I will also be updating my Fine Art website with all of my available paintings.

Here's today's watercolour.

"Looking for Shells"
12 x 9 inches framed £145 Sold

Have a great day!