Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Boats bobbing in the warm Mediterranean Sun.

With no cars or even automated transport allowed on the island of Hydra, your options are either donkeys or boats. Water taxis take you around the island and fishing boats bring in their salty wares, whilst the gin palaces bring in their wealthy matelots to inhabit the harbour side tavernas, kafeneions, shops and galleries.

The boats caught my eye. They range from traditional wooden fishing boats, larger caiques upto modern fibreglass cruising yachts and the larger luxury boats.

Every inch of harbour is packed with boats oozing character and screaming out to be painted.
These were just a few that I painted.

Hydra boats -watercolour by Steve PP.

Hydra boats -watercolour by Steve PP.

For Pete's Sake!"

This is today's available painting on my fine art website.
Woolacombe Bay in all of it's summer finery. 12 x 9 inches framed and available here.

Have a great day!

"Painting the Outdoors with Passion!"