Monday, 27 October 2014

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you....!" - A day in the life of an artist.

"Summer Morning , Lee Bay" watercolour 12 x 9 inches. available here.

As an artist that likes to paint outdoors, sometimes you get the occasional curious passerby. It's all part of the experience. It's fun to share a few moments with someone who is interested in what you are doing.
I have to tell you that on this blissfully, peaceful Summer morning in a remote bay on the North Devon coastline, Paul Kenton and I were deep into our paintings when the silence was shattered by a four wheel drive SUV that screamed by, stopped, then reversed at speed to stop feet away from us. Out leapt a middle-aged woman, kitted out in high heel stilettos, leopard skin leggings, a sequinned top and a fur jacket, full make-up and hair pomped up high. Who then spoke at one hundred miles in an hour in an accent that was hard to make out, but definitely not English, for at least fifteen minutes, all the while snapping away furiously with her iPhone as we painted.  Then she jumped back into her monster truck , blew us a few kisses and wheel spun off.

All in a sleepy morning's work in North Devon.

"Painting the Outdoors with Passion"