Wednesday, 25 June 2014

"Spearfisher under Mackerel Skies"- Painting the outdoors with passion!

Sitting on the beach today, I felt like just soaking up the day and letting something pop into my head to paint, I had no real preconceptions of what I wanted. The one thing I was after was just a sense of the moment down on Barricane. It was a beautifully calm , warm afternoon with just a hint of cloudy mackerel skies building up. I had a quick swim in the sea to cool me down, a spot of lunch from the beach cafe and then I was ready.
I was just about to start painting a group of beach picnicking mums, when this colourful fellow strode purposefully down the beach. My moment was complete.

"Spearfisher under Mackerel Skies" watercolour 12 x 9 inches framed. £145 available.
* All paintings are available for purchase with monthly instalments.

Have a great day!