Monday, 25 November 2013

"The 12 Bays of Christmas " watercolours 1/2/3

Okay, so here are the first three watercolours in the "12 Bays of Christmas" series.
Number one is "Sea Pinks" , painted from one of my regular spots, I walk this stretch of coastline every day with my little dog and we always stop to take in that day's particular spectacle.This day's special mood was just the stillness and tranquility of the moment, framed by the stunning display of Sea Pinks, just beautiful !
12 x 9 framed £120 Sold.

Number 2 is "Fresh Sea Air" . Some days when the Northerly winds blow down the air just gets so crisp and clear , this was such a day. Looking over Morte point from Black Cloud Hill, just stunning!
12 x 9 framed £120 sold.

This shows you how the twelve paintings in this series will all be framed, just nice and clean and white, perfect for any wall.

Number 3 is titled "Summer Sizzler" and is one of those flag cracking days at Woolacombe Beach, the daisies are in full bloom and the sand is hot and the sea refreshingly cool.

12 x 9 inches framed Sold

As Christmas is not too far away, I will be putting together my available paintings newsletter tomorrow , which I will email out to all of my collectors and subscribers, just in case there is anything that might take your fancy for a festive treat.
Have a great day!
Steve PP.