Saturday, 23 February 2013

Watercolour painting on the February!

You can only stay in your studio come cave for so long in the winter before sunny days start calling their siren-like song to you. " Come outside and paint, come outside it's lovely!"
This past week has seen a beautiful spell of back to back sunny days with crisp light , the only thing is it's freezing! The warmth of the sun through the studio windows is misleading, that Winter siren at work again. Once outside the bitter NE blowing in from Scandinavia lets you know that we are still firmly in Winter's icy grip. I had to go out though, a few emails to the Devon 11 and two other hardy painters wrapped up and met me down on Barricane Beach for an afternoon's plein air fun.

Paul Kenton brought his pastel set-up down and Nigel Mason came equipped with his french easel and oils. I decided to take the watercolour kit.

The tide was on it's way in and consistent swell fanned by the chilly offshores , erupted against the rocks, it was beautiful! A few brave souls were enjoying their half-term break taking in the sun and sea air, although they didn't last long as that wind was far too biting, eating through as many layers as you tried to put on to keep it at bay.

We cracked on and all got busy with initial studies, then after a quick tea break from the hot flasks we set up to attempt larger works. Paul got very inventive, combining hot spicy, herb tea with a sable brush and improvising over his pastel scene, resulting in a classic PK take on the day.

 Nigel painted some lovely small oil studies on panels, by then the cloud cover had come over and killed the light, that didn't stop Nigel though, and he revelled in painting the close values of the various greys in the scene.

By now, my down jackets had lost their battle with the winds icy attack and my flask of hot tea was drained, so it was time to head home.

A cold day, but still huge fun to be out doors painting with fellow artists, sharing a laugh and the joy of plein air painting.

You can see my finished watercolour "Glorious February" that was painted on the day over on my Fine Art website Steven A.Pleydell-Pearce Fine Art

Here's to warmer Spring days!