Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Western Front / Searching for light- why outdoor painting can be so challenging.

"The Western Front "
14 x 10 inches oil on board £150

"Searching for light"
9 x 6 inches oil on board £100

When you hear other artists saying that you need to be able to observe and paint quickly, when painting on location, they are absolutely right. I started on the 14 x 10 painting in the morning, under well lit bright , sunny conditions, but with a large weather front out West in the Atlantic.
By the time I had started my next painting, the cloud had completely covered the location, and dampened down the light so far, it was hard to pick any highlights out of the flat, greyness. The dunes held onto some brightness with the dry pale sand and the burnt reds of the ferns warmed up and otherwise uninspiring scene. So speed is of the essence, but only if you observe accurately, haste shouldn't replace good colour and well placed paint, but economy of detail certainly helps the quicker process, helping you capture the moment.

Happy painting!