Monday, 7 June 2010

Muscle Fish on steroids!

How many pivotal points can you remember in your surfing life?
Friday was one such moment, when I collected my "Muscle Fish" from the Gulfstream surfboards factory here in Woolacombe. at 9 ft x 24 x 3 1/2 thick with a huge bum crack and speedialler quad fins, I can tell that you I got more than a few strange looks and even ruder comments when I took it off the car roofrack at the beach for it's first session.

I must admit I felt a bit anxious myself too! Would it work? WORKED! Boy, did it work! being so wide and thick it paddled into waves easily, and took off with such speed that it caught me off guard the first time.
The squirt of acceleration out of the bottom turn was really noticeable and the glide through the unweighted top turns was super smooth.
Five or six waves later , I knew we were onto a winner,! If you are heavier and a bit older,but still want the speed and looseness of a quad/fish.........give the boys at Gulfstream a call and ask about a "Muscle Fish" ! Tell 'em PP sent you!
It's rekindled the stoke in me, and totally rejuvenated my surfing. Bring on the summer!