Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring watercolour painting in Woolacombe

Spring’s a Knocking!

Posted by  on Mar 29, 2016 in Art Diary
Spring’s a Knocking!
Ah, the joys of Spring.
While we are not quite out of Winter’s grip, there are definite signs that the seasons are changing. On a good day , you can feel the warmth in the sun.
During spells of quiet calm , free from gales and rain, you can hear birdsong.
The clocks have sprung forward and nights are brighter.
Here are a few of my recent paintings for your viewing pleasure.
Have a great day, Spring is on it’s way!
Have a great day from Woolacombe artist Steve PP.
It’s always a joy to see the sunset moving back up along the horizon as we move through Winter.

18″ x 8″

Coming Back Along. Woolacombe winter watercolour painting from the Steve PP art gallery.

What would you get if you took a sleepy, springtime Woolacombe street , an iconic hotel and added some Parisian pavement cafes? Can you smell the freshly ground coffee?

30″ x 11″

Woolacombe/French watercolour painting from the Woolacombe art Gallery of Steve PP.

The daylight hours are stretching out again as Winter starts to pack it’s bags.

12″ x 9″

Almost Spring On The Sundial Watercolour Painting from the Woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.

Taking a few last provisions before casting off.

12″ x 9″

"Taking On Provisions" Ilfracombe harbour Watercolour painting from the woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.